Email Marketing for Agencies

If you want to add more clients and keep existing ones, offering email marketing is going to be essential as mobile open rates continue to grow and email continues to be a place users look regularly, but most online marketing agencies still don’t offer email marketing to their clients. And that means they’re losing potential profits.

With all the other services you want to make available to your clients, email marketing is the service that often takes the back seat but it can be the key in helping you retain more customers while helping you and your clients see more revenue.

Business owners want to spend money on email marketing! In fact 63% of business owners said they will spend more this year and if you aren’t offering email marketing, they’ll be spending that money elsewhere. But you can start offering email marketing today with EngineInbox! Get Started Here for FREE »

Did you know 60% of marketers believe email marketing is the best outlet for generating new revenue and for bringing back repeat customers? That’s more than those who believe in traditional marketing and any other form of online marketing including social media. But it’s left off so many companies’ “services offered” list and that means those companies are turning down profits.

  • Business Owners Want to Spend on Email Marketing Because it Works
  • Email Marketing Brings You Recurring Customers so You Get Paid Month after Month
  • It Won’t Cost You Anything to Offer Email Marketing

So Why Aren’t More Online Marketers Offering Email Marketing?

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Most online marketing agencies don’t offer email marketing because they may not have the time to dedicate to it, the resources to complete projects for clients or they may think it will cost more than it’s worth.

We’ll take care of all the work for your clients and we’re priced where you can profit right away by offering email marketing. Make us a part of your team and WE’LL MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!

What EngineInbox Can Do For You and Your Clients

You can start offering your clients email marketing today without any cost to you and with no obligation. You don’t even have to currently have anyone on staff to provide professional-designed emails, integrated sign-up forms and automated email responders.

We’ll take care of everything for you and you can just add to your bottom line while helping add to your clients too.

If you’re offering online marketing without offering email marketing to your clients, both of you are losing and you may even lose your client. We want to help. Get started today and offer your current and future customers one of the most valuable marketing services available!

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