Deciding to take advantage of all there is when it comes to email marketing is the first step to seeing success using email as a marketing tool.

But you won’t get very far without a list of emails to send to. The question is what’s the best way to get people to subscribe to your offers or newsletter?

Build Your List to Capitalize on all Email Marketing can Offer

To really grow your list, you can utilize every opportunity to add subscribers and there is an opportunity just about everywhere your business is represented online and in person.

How to Build an Email List through Your Website

This is one of the first places people think about gathering an email list and for obvious reasons. It’s easy to collect here and you’ll be collecting emails from people who come visit your site so it makes them valuable.

With your Website, make your sign-up form or link to your sign up form as prominent as possible. You’ll see a lot of Websites with a small link in the footer that most people visiting their site never even notice. You can make the form stand out visually from the rest of the content to be positive your visitors won’t miss it.

Offer an incentive for signing up and your visitors will be more likely to give you their email when they visit your Website. You can also use a contest to collect additional emails based on what your business has to offer.

And once your sign-up form is tested and ready to go, you can focus on driving traffic to that form through social media, through SEO, PPC and even offline.

It’s also important to optimize where your visitors see your sign up form. Some of the best places for your form include:

  • Use Your Sign-Up in the Feature Section
  • Insert Your Sign-Up Form at the TOP of the Sidebar
  • Include Your Sign-Up Form After a Single Post
  • Your About Page can be Another Great Place
  • Consider a Drop Down Bar or Lightbox Pop-Up

How to Build an Email List through Social Media

Your Website is most likely not the only place potential and existing customers are going to find you. They often find you through your social media. You can encourage email sign ups by tweeting or posting a link to your sign up page on your Website but there’s more you can do.

Adding an email sign-up form as a Facebook tab can help encourage your Facebook visitors and fans to sign up for your email list.

On Pinterest, you can create a board dedicated to your email campaign. If you design interesting images that relate to your business you can get people repinning your graphics, images or photos. Be sure to include your offer or incentive and a link to your sign up form.

And of course, you can always promote an offer or incentive in your timeline on any social media site from Twitter to Google +. Join related communities in Google + and you’ll be quickly connected with those interested in what you have to offer.

YouTube is of course another great way to bring more traffic to your site and your sign-up form. Be sure to include a link to where people can sign up with your video.

Where Else Can You Build an Email List?

Building your list with clients who visit your business is another great way to grow your list. More and more business offer a sign up on a tablet, but using the traditional pen and paper sign up can still work, you’ll just have to insert those emails into your email service provider and there’s no real way to confirm the emails.

But consider using a tablet, email service providers offer a variety of sign up form options and they can be customized for those who sign up on a tablet.

A restaurant can have guests fill out the form while waiting for their meal and even offer an instant incentive, or a retailer could offer a sign up during checkout.

Other Ways to Build Your Email List

There are a number of additional options to help encourage people to get added to your list. Your customer service department or anyone answering phones can likely collect an email address. Imagine someone calls for a reservation and you ask for their email and send them a confirmation email simply by having those answering the phone fill out a simple form.

For restaurants offering lunch, consider collecting business cards for a drawing, add those emails, but be sure to make it clear you’ll be collecting their email address.

Encouraging your emails be shared by those you already email can be another great way to increase the number of email addresses you collect. You can either encourage sharing through social media or by the email being forwarded or both.

The possibilities to add to your email list are endless. At any time you, those working for you or any time you interact with customers, you can be asking for emails.