Business owners know they need their email to effectively do business. But most don’t realize they can utilize email marketing to do business even more effectively.

So what is email marketing? Email marketing is a direct marketing approach sent to an email. Maybe you already do a little email marketing and you don’t even realize it. Essentially, any email message you send to a potential or current customer can be considered an email marketing message.

And those emails are most likely critical to your business. But sending email marketing messages, such as promotional content with discounts or sales and even newsletters can also have a significant impact on the revenue you generate for your business.

Email marketing offers several benefits when utilized in the right way including:

  • Drives Sales
  • Increases Traffic
  • Builds Loyalty
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Increases Trust

Of course, email marketing can be conducted with a cold email list, but is most profitable when using your current customer database, or when using permission-based list where individuals have given permission for you to send email to them.

What Advantages Does Email Marketing Offer Over Other Forms of Marketing?

Email marketing continues to grow among big businesses and even more and more small business owners are beginning to see the value of this marketing approach. Email marketing offers the following advantages over other forms of marketing:

Reporting – Easily track your return on investment

Affordable – To send as much as four emails a month to your list is generally more affordable than almost every other form of marketing and advertising.

Control – You have complete control as to when you send your message and to who you send it to.

Testing – Email allows you to easily test different marketing messages to gage performance. This can be beneficial when considering other marketing solutions. By implementing winning versions of your emails across other marketing channels, you can see better results.

Be Where Your Customers Are – More than 90% of adults on the Internet have at least one email account and 72% of those with an email account check it at least 6 times a day. –

Automation – With emails, you can set up a message and collect on the returns over and over and over again with automation.

Increase Revenue – Email marketing is a significant marketing resource that, when done right, can seriously drive sales and increase your revenue. On average, consumers receiving email promotions spend 83% more and they order 28% more often.

The advantages of email marketing outweigh every other form of marketing, yet it continues to be one of the last marketing approaches business offer. If you’re interested in taking advantage of all email marketing has to offer, we can help.

At EngineInbox, we specialize in email marketing by doing everything for our clients. That means email marketing has never been easier for you.

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