If you play the word association game with someone with the word email marketing, you’ll most likely hear spam as one of the first responses.

But email marketing is so much more and can be so much more than just a spam message for your business.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most profitable forms of marketing, but businesses continue to pass on its benefits for a number of reasons. Email marketing should and can be a staple in your marketing efforts.

Here are 7 reasons businesses should be using email marketing:

  • Be Where Your Customers Are
  • People Want Email
  • Stay in Touch
  • People will Spend More
  • Targeted and Personalized
  • Quick Response
  • Tracking and Testing


Be Where Your Customers Are

Your customers check their email, on average as many as 6 times a day. That’s an opportunity you will be missing if you’re not sending them a message. You don’t have to spam your customers, but regular emails from your business, gets more people seeing your offers, announcements and information.

People Want Email

If you get people to give you their email address (which they will if you ask), they will want you to email them and they’ll be glad when you do.

We’re not talking about a list of email addresses you bought online, but the email addresses you collect on your Website or in your location. Those people can often become your biggest advocates and your best customers. Keep people informed with what you’re doing and a lot of people will be happy to return again and again.

Stay in Touch

Regular emails also help you to easily stay connected with your customers. If you’re on the top of their mind when they need or want your product or service, they’ll make sure you get their business.

Staying in touch with your customers can keep them coming back and staying in touch with you. A regular email can also help them choose you over your competitors.

They’ll Spend More

With any business, the more the customer spends the better. And according to ConstantContact.com, people who receive email messages from your business spend an average of 83% more.

Email marketing promotions also increase the order size (44% larger)and increase how often your customers are ordering from you (28% more often).

Targeted and Personalized

Email marketing allows you to target your customers more effectively than any other form of marketing out there. You can target your customers based on anything from their location to what they bought form you. This targeting allows you to optimize your marketing so you can get the most out of every subscriber.

And when it comes to marketing, personalization can go a long way. You probably know you’re best customers by name already, but with email marketing, you can reach out to anyone on your list with a personalized message to truly make them feel like their one of your best customers.

Quick Response

With your calls to action in your emails, whether a promotion or a link to content, you can get an instant response. You can actually see results in just minutes of sending a message.

How can this help? If you want to drive traffic, you can do that exactly when you want to. If you’re looking to improve those actually visiting your location, you can get more people when you want more people.

Tracking and Testing

Email marketing allows you to track and test just about everything you do. From tracking the open rate, click-through rate and which links are clicked, you can track everything you do with your email marketing program.

You can also test everything you do from your subject line, your offer, your design or even test the links people go to.

Email tracking and testing allows you to optimize your entire marketing process so you make the most out of everything you’re doing.

And Increased Revenue of Course!

And when you add all the benefits of email marketing up, none of it would really matter to your business unless it was helping you increase your revenue. And that’s what everything here adds up to. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing approaches when it’s done right.